What's in the Book

  1. Follow a Bidding Policy

  2. Create Clear Value Proposition

  3. A/B Test Your Business Proposal

  4. Cut the Bull

  5. Do Not Open Your Kimono Outside the Box

  6. Present Your Business Proposals

  7. Define Clear Next Steps

  8. Timely Follow-Up

  9. Make It Easy to Accept and Sign Your Business Proposals

  10. Business Proposal Checklist

About the Author
With 7+ years experience in sales and marketing, Sasha definitely knows how to write and present a compelling proposal. He shares his experience working both in a corporate environment on million dollar projects, and small agencies up to 10 people.

Sasha loves to pick people's brains and gets most of his ideas from sci-fi movies.

Sasha Kovaliov
Marketing Sorcerer, Quote Roller

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10 steps you can take to close more deals by creating winning business proposals

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