What's in the Book

  1. What is a Business Proposal – your comprehensive all-in-one guide.
  2. What is a Mission Statement and why you need it for your proposals — Ask yourself: Why does my business exist?
  3. The 7 stages of a Business Proposal Lifecycle — Like Simba, even Business Proposals have circles of life.
  4. Write clear business proposals with the Power of SWOT — It stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, but how does that spell SOLD?
  5. Why you should treat each proposal as a 5-step Process — Apply the capture planning technique and score big.
  6. 5 Skills for creating Great Proposals — 1. Strategic Planning, 2. Know Your Prospects, 3 … 4 … 5 …???
  7. Six stages of an Effective Sales Proposal Funnel  — A + I + E + P + R = $.
  8. Top proposal myths debunked — brought to you by Picasso and Yoda.
  9. 12 Questions to ask yourself after Losing a Deal — Turn that frown upside down and snag that next sale!

About the Author
With 7+ years experience in sales and marketing, Sasha definitely knows how to write and present a compelling proposal. He shares his experience working both in a corporate environment on million dollar projects, and small agencies up to 10 people.

Sasha loves to pick people's brains and gets most of his ideas from sci-fi movies.

Sasha Kovaliov
Marketing Sorcerer, Quote Roller

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Everything you need to know to get started with your winning proposal

About the Author
Jen has a background in sales and journalism, with a lot of experience working with, training, and writing about entrepreneurs. Is a devotee of the Socratic sales method.

Social network addict, obsessed with writing about entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Jennifer Riggins
Blog Keeper and Community Builder, Quote Roller

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